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It is in the darkness of the centuries-old cellars that the best wine spirits have aged for many years in French oak, and were finally selected for LORMIN brandy. Specifically assembled by our cellar master, these great wine brandies have given birth to LORMIN.

Appreciated for their wealth, harmony, and elegance, LORMIN VSOP, LORMIN XO, LORMIN EXTRA promise to delight your palate.

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The XO Series

LORMIN XO expresses the progress of the maturation, the well-rounded and complex nature, and the harmonious balance of power and sweetness. Here we find the sweet aromas of candied apricot, honey and raisins mixed with spicy and roasted notes, accompanied elegantly by a vinous touch that distinguishes the great wine spirits of France.

Aging in French oak barrels gives XO LORMIN a long finish, creating roundness and harmony between strength and delicacy

The XTRA Series

LORMIN EXTRA is the pure expression of the great matured French wine spirits : delicate and married notes of dried fruit, roasted almond and mocha, combined with a vinous characteristic, representative of brandies from the South West of France; rich spicy and roasted notes, an alchemy that makes LORMIN EXTRA a complex and unique product.

Aging in French oak barrels gives EXTRA LORMIN a long finish, with a well-rounded and subtle balance between strength and delicacy.

The VSOP Series

Elegant harmony of candied summer fruits (apricot confit) combined with rich mead, the drink of the gods. Aging in the Bordeaux region of French in oak barrels gives this brandy roundness and maturity, while revealing the aromatic power of carefully selected grapes used in this blend ….

This blend perfectly represents the delicate beauty and freshness of the goddess, the strength and maturity of the lion, and the harmony and peace of the bird

(c) LORMIN 2017