Solution Details & Testing

Label Design

BrandGuard’s anti-counterfeiting solution is added to a wine bottle using a digitally printed QR Code. The recommended method is via a sticker placed at the bottom of the bottle cap, such as the one illustrated below.

Test QR Code

You may test the user experience provided by BrandGuard’s solution using a common QR reader and a mobile connected to the Internet.

  • Note that the method uses location and must be allowed to get your GPS reading

  • Your location is also used to switch automatically UI language
Test QR Code - Touch if on Mobile

To test the QR-Code, you may use the one built into WeChat:

Or you can use any common QR reader, such as i-negma and own QR reader available for both Android and iOS. (BrandGuard’s reader is fast and simple, and includes few additional verification features)

i-negma – a popular, fast QR scanner

BrandGuard’s own QR scanner –

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